Adding an email address to Hotmail

It is quite easy to configure Hotmail and other email services that use to send mail from a different email address. These instructions walk you through the process to make it even more straightforward.

  1. Log into your email account as normal and click New to start a new email.

  2. Click on your email address in the From: field and select Add an e-mail address… from the dropdown.

    Hotmail: Add email address

  3. Select Add another account to send mail from at the bottom of the page.

    Hotmail: Add another account

  4. Type the email address you want to use in the Add an e-mail address: box, then click the Send verification email button.

    Hotmail: Enter address

  5. You will now be returned to the “other email accounts” options page. Note that the new email address is awaiting verification:

    Hotmail: Verify email address

  6. The verification email will soon be delivered to your inbox. Click on the link in that message to verify your email address. When composing new messages, you will now be able to choose the email address from which to send them by selecting it from the From: dropdown.

    Hotmail: Select email address