This redesign of the Big Red Design website brings with it a number of new features:

  • The Customer Support section has been made available to non-customers and is due to be expanded soon.
  • Recent Big Red Design-related Twitter posts are included on the site.
  • The site now includes a Blog, which will be used to discuss issues relevant to the business. Visitors to the site are encouraged to comment on the blog posts.

The aim of introducing these features is to make Big Red Design a far more active participant in the web development community.

Staying at the cutting edge

The website continues to use XHTML 1.1 but has moved from CSS level 2.1 to CSS level 3. This standard is still very much in development – it is not yet complete and not all of the features that it describes have yet been implemented in web browsers. Some of the features, such as support for rounded corners and shadows, have only been implemented in one or two browsers as proprietary properties. These are not recognised by the CSS Validator and result in errors, which unfortunately prevent the site’s CSS from validating. However, these properties are limited to one file – proprietary.css. All other CSS files used by this site validate as CSS3 and as browsers ignore properties they don’t know about, they have no effect on accessibility.

The site also uses Microformats to give more semantic meaning to information presented on the site. For example, if your browser supports Microformats, it will allow you to add our electronic business card directly to your address book.